How To Garden In Small Spaces : Our Easy To Follow Guide

Alivia Whitaker | June 18, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

We have an helpful and easy guide for you about how to garden in small spaces!  If you've got a green thumb or are interested in gardening but don't have much space, don't write your gardening potential off just yet.  There are lots of ways to participate in gardening in small spaces.  And we tell you how below!

How To Garden In Small Spaces : Box Gardening

A great way to garden in a small yard space is with box gardening.  Box gardens come in a variety of forms and materials such as wood or metal. Wood is a common material used for garden boxes.  Also, garden boxes are often made from metal. 

The benefits of box gardening are:

  • less weeds
  • portability
  • ability to utilize sun strategically
  • efficient use of space
  • less strain on back when caring for garden 

Care for plants in garden beds is virtually the same as in-ground gardening, except that it generally requires less weeding.  You will want to use a high quality potting soil to fill the boxes or raised beds.  If you are using raised beds instead of portable boxes, make sure you place them in a location that gets at least 8 hours of sunlight a day.

Box gardens can be made or purchased.  Lowe's provides a great video on how to create a raised garden bed here. 

How To Garden In Small Spaces : Countertop Herbs

Countertop herbs are another great tool in how to garden in small spaces.  Especially if you don't have a yard or outdoor space!  Growing herbs in small containers in your kitchen, windowsill or deck is an easy way to garden.  Herbs such as basil, rosemary, sage and most others can be grown in small containers.  

Where you place the herb and how much you water it will depend on the plant.  Good Housekeeping has a great guide for this type of information found here.

Indoor herb gardening can also be highly aesthetic and be a way to incorporate beautiful plants into your home.  They are a great practical way to add to the visual beauty in your living space.

How To Garden In Small Spaces : Container Gardening

Perhaps one of the best answers for small space gardening is container gardening!  If you don't have the ground or space - bring the space to you!  Plant vegetables and other plants in individualized, small to medium containers. Like portable box gardens, this is also a great option for strategically using sunlight.  You can move the planters where the sun is!

Ideal vegetables to plant in containers include: rosemary, onions, lettuce, peppers, carrots, egg plants and cucumbers.  Carefully read the packets your seeds come in to find out how much depth they need and how far apart they need to planted.

Watering container gardening is pretty similar to traditional gardening.  Simply make sure your containers have proper drainage.

We hope this how to garden in small spaces guide inspires you to start gardening today no matter how big or small your home is!

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