Make Cleaning Your Shower Easy : Best Shower Cleaning Hacks

Alivia Whitaker | March 30, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

If you're sick of scrubbing your shower like a maniac, follow these easy shower cleaning hacks to quickly get your shower and tub sparkling!

The Spray and Soak Method

One of the best shower cleaning hacks is to simply spray foaming shower cleaner and then let it soak !  Using a foaming shower cleaner such as Kaboom ensures that your cleaner does the work for you. Many brands and types of foaming shower cleaners will do the trick.  The key is to have a foamy solution that will clings to your shower and tub surfaces and essentially "soak".  All you have to do is wait then wipe up!  


Many people swear by the product CLR, which stands for calcium, lime and rust.  If you have an older bathroom or are struggling with abnormal build up or calcium stains, CLR just might do the trick for you.  Specially formulated for hard to clean spots, CLR should do the heavy lifting and get your bathroom back to square one in a jiffy.

Daily Shower Spray and Dispensers

One of the lowest maintenance shower cleaning hacks is using a specifically formulated daily shower spray.  This type of shower cleaner, made particularly for daily spray use is a spray-only, no-wipe spray that keeps your shower fresh longer between deep cleans.

There are many generic and store brand versions that do the job well.  Another popular brand that you will find does the trick is Scrubbing Bubbles.  You can purchase an automatic dispenser that hangs in your shower to make this one of the easiest shower cleaning hacks ever.  Simply step out of the shower, press the button and let the dispenser do the rest.

A Great Brush

Using a great scrubbing brush will cut your time in half in cleaning the shower.  Skip the paper towels and other time consuming methods and us a pie shaped brush, with stiff bristles and a great handle. Use of a proper, heavy duty brush will reduce the amount of elbow grease and time required from you.  Find some great shower brush options HERE

DIY Cleaner Recipe

A common home-made cleaner "recipe" that lots of people attest to is cleaning vinegar, dawn dish washing soap and hot water.  Mix in a bucket or spray bottle and let it work it's magic.  Clean normally.  

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