Dorm Room Hacks: Clever Hacks For Making Space

Alivia Whitaker | August 7, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

If you're going off to university this fall you'll want to be organized and functional wherever you're living - that's why we've provided you with these 4 clever dorm room hacks for making space and keeping you organized in your college living area!

Dorm Room Hacks: Under The Bed

One of the main areas you'll want to target for making space in your dorm room is under the bed.  By making under the bed functional, this frees up space in other areas in your room.  You can use under the bed for clothing, books, toiletries, suitcases or other items.

There area few ways to utilize under the bed space:

Bed Lifts

Bed Lifts are inexpensive, small platforms that go individually on each leg of a bed.  By placing your bed legs on these small platforms, it lifts up the bed and adds tremendous space underneath.

Under The Bed Storage Bins

To take advantage of all that extra space you've gained by using the bed lifts, invest in a few storage containers to go under your bed.  Slim and long storage bins with wheels can be found that are absolutely ideal for under the bed storage.  They make it easy to quickly get in and out of whatever you've got stored under the bed.

Dorm Room Hacks: Bed Caddy 

A dorm room hack you've probably never heard of before is something called a bed caddy!!  Small, cloth organizers that hang between a mattress and a bed are the perfect solution to small space living - especially if you don't have a nightstand.  These handy hacks are great for late at night and have space for books, your phone, and other items.   Plus, with the weight of an adult on it, it never moves and stays great in one place! 

Find an example of a great bed caddy HERE

Dorm Room Hacks: Over The Door

A great place to use to organize in small spaces is over the door.  This could mean the bedroom door or the closet door - either way, any place you can hang an organizing tool will do.  This may be the best known of the dorm room hacks and for good reason.  It's a hack that's effective and simple.

Find some over the door organizers we like HERE

Dorm Room Hacks: Coat Rack

And last for our dorm room hacks is the most simple but best suggestion of them all - a coat rack!  Investing in a thin coat rack you can keep in the corner of your dorm is an excellent idea.  It gets items off the floor and stored vertically.  You can hang coats, lanyards, backpacks, jewelry and more on a standing coat rack.  It's probably the most versatile of our dorm room hacks and for that reason, we think you should use it!

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