Cut Out Clutter : Make It Manageable In 3 Easy Steps

Alivia Whitaker | June 13, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Are you ready to cut out clutter in your life?  It's easier than you think if you follow our 3 easy steps!

Cut Out Clutter: One Touch Rule

This rule is carried out just like it sounds.  When you're walking around your house, cleaning, or doing anything at home - remember only touch something once!  This means do the job all the way the first time to eliminate clutter.  For example, if you're pulling laundry out of the dryer fold it right then instead of putting in a basket for later.  If you're picking something up out of one room, put it all the way away.  Don't move it to another location to be organized later.  If you're putting dishes away, don't just leave them in the sink - go ahead and put them in the dishwasher.

By giving yourself a little mental reminder to only "touch objects once" you'll cut out clutter in your home and make life more manageable.

Cut Out Clutter: Tidy At Night

A great secret to cut out clutter is to tidy every night.  You may not go to bed with a sparkling clean house, but if the last thing you do before bedtime is quickly tidy the house you can cut out clutter.  By doing this easy step, you're making your home management maintenance instead of disaster clean up.  It shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to empty the dishwasher, clear off the counters and put things away for the evening.

Once you get into the habit of your end of the day tidy it will become routine to you.  And just think of the benefit of waking up to an organized tidy home clear of clutter!

Cut Out Clutter: Tidy As You Go

Our last easy way to cut out clutter is to tidy as you go.  This may sound easy but takes some discipline.  This step simply means not to leave a bigger mess for the end and to keep things clean along the way.  This could include clearing out your car every time you get out.  Cleaning as you go during cooking.  Putting food back into the fridge, rinsing off pans and throwing away waste in the middle of the cleaning process.   Doing this frees you up from having a huge overwhelming mess at the end.

If you want to cut out clutter, keep it from happening in the first place by tidying as you go!

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