How To Clean Your Dorm Room Quickly and Easily With These Tips

Alivia Whitaker | May 25, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Are you stressed about how to clean your dorm room? Moving out from your semester may seem a bit overwhelming.  After all, you’ve got finals and ain’t nobody got time for cleaning!  But if you clean efficiently it can be done quickly and well - sending you on your way.

Gather Your Supplies

Basic supplies you will need for your dorm room clean:

  • Lysol or other disinfectant wipes
  • A vacuum
  • Dust rag
  • Laundry hampers
  • Swiffer or other basic mop (if you have non carpeted floors)

Do A Quick Clutter Clean

This may be the most liberating step if you want to know how to clean your dorm room.  Simply play some music, put on a podcast and start picking up the clutter.  If you feel you don’t have space for things or are overwhelmed, put things in piles by category until you free up space to properly pack.

Do Your Laundry First

Likelihood is you don’t have laundry available in your dorm or apartment.  Take the time to get all your clothes and linens laundered and clean.  This way all your clothes can be clean and out of the way for your dorm room clean.

Wipe Down

Next, wipe down all the surface.  You want to do this first before you vacuum so you can pick up anything that may fall on the floor.  A product such as clorox or lysol wipes are great for this easy clean up.  Use them to clean multiple surfaces such as mirrors, beds and desks.

Attack That Floor

Lastly, clean the floor.  Most dorms and apartments should supply you with a vacuum.  Make sure to vacuum under the bed and in the closet.  If you have non-carpeted areas such as linoleum, laminate or hardwood use a basic swiffer mop and spray to quickly clean.  If you have hardwood check with your housing manager to see if there are any special instructions or cleaning solutions before cleaning those.

Follow these easy tips to quickly get your dorm room clean and get that deposit back!

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