Camping Storage: Our Tricks Of The Trade

Alivia Whitaker | June 6, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

A key to camping successfully is doing your camping storage correctly!  Storing and packing on the essential items for a camp out are a big part of the adventure and we are here to help!  Find out camping storage tips below:

Camping Storage: A Place For Everything, Everything In It's Place

Be prepared ahead of time and know where everything is.  If everything has a particular place at your home, it will be easy to pack up, take with you and unpack.

Keep things rolled up, properly put away and divided by category.  If you are storing things in bins or covers, make sure everything is properly labeled. 

If you are storing your camping supplies in your garage, follow Keylock's advice HERE about garage and home storage.

Camping Storage: Organizational Tools

Another great way to stay organized for camping is to utilize organization tools.  Here are some of our favorite camping organization systems and tools:

Collapsible Mesh Hanging Dryer / Shelves

Use these to hang and store items from a tree or dry your clothes!

Hanging Tent Laterns

A nifty way to give yourself light in the outdoors

Folding Toiletries Bag

Use this bag for your toiletries in the wilderness or anything else you may need to store

Camping Storage: Storing Your RV

Keylock Storage has an excellent guide with tips on how to properly store your recreational vehicle:

Keeping your RV in tiptop shape when you’re not using it will ensure it’s ready to go when you are ready for your next trip. Selecting the best RV Storage and storing it properly are pivotal in keeping your RV in its best shape. Here is a guide to help you make sure you’re storing your RV the best way:

  • Go through and review all manuals and owner’s guides for the function and mechanics of your RV. Keep copies of the manuals in the RV for quick reference.  In the manuals, you will find maintenance and other information that will help you keep your RV in working order.
  • When you park your RV make sure to go through your vehicle and remove any perishable food or trash left over
  • Turn off the refrigerator and any other appliances that zap power to ensure they will be ready to go next time
  • Clean all air conditioner filters including the rooftop filter and outside unit
  • Thoroughly clean the interior of the RV to adequately prepare it for storage. Look under beds, inside cupboards and pull down blinds.
  • Check the tire pressure and overall integrity of the tires.
  • Service locks with spray lubricant to prevent rust and freezing.
  • Take the appropriate steps to check all items that require batteries then be sure to remove the batteries and dispose of properly.
  • Review the engine and other machinery and when doing so, make sure to check all fluid levels including the gasoline tank and under the hood
  • Make sure your holding tank is empty and rinse clean. During cold months, all water tanks, lines, and pumps should be drained and filled with non-toxic RV anti-freeze.
  • Perform an all-over check of the interior of the RV and then follow up.  Close and properly seal all windows, vents and openings.

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