Bent Cords Bending You Out Of Shape? Storing Electronics - Life Hacks & Tips

Alivia Whitaker | September 20, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

We all love them – our personal electronics.  Consequently, we can have cords, chargers and wall plugs coming out our ears.  But with a little ingenuity, keeping yourself “cord sane” is easy as 1,2,3.

Roll Em’ Up!

Our phones, watches, ear buds, game controllers, tablets – the list of our daily electronics goes on.  And they all have cords that come with them.  One of the best hacks around loose cords cluttering everything up is to simply roll them up!  

  • Slack cord hanging down your dresser from your phone or watch?  Use twisty ties from your bread bag and roll up the slack in the middle.
  • Ear phones loose in your bag and getting worn down?  Roll them up in a zip sandwich bag or empty travel q-tip holder and label for quick access.
  • Cords everywhere when you travel?  Purchase an inexpensive roll out cord case and keep yourself organized.

Hack An Electronics Stand / Charging Station

Electronic stands are a great way to keep everything organized.  These often come with openings to run cord through and slats to set tablets and phones.  However, these can often run high on price.  

  • A cheap way to get around this is using a wire letter stand found at a dollar store and slide electronics into each level.  Run cords through the openings in the back and you’ve got a charging station for half the cost of spendy custom electronic organizers!

Basket and Bins

Is that game console controller always getting lost?  Is your Bluetooth speaker never where you think it is when you go to get in the shower?  Use the bin system to conquer the floating electronic problem.

  • Attach a hanging letter or other type basket to the side of your bathroom counter to place your shower Bluetooth in.
  • Create a dedicated remote / game console controller by the tv or your favorite chair.
  • Use a small, collapsible canvas bin that fits into your console in the car to store earphones and care electronic chargers.
  • Use cheap, over the door shoe hangers to organize cords.  Label on the outer plastic to make sure you put each cord back in the right place.