How To Avoid Fees When Using Self Storage

Alivia Whitaker | March 4, 2021 @ 12:00 AM

Tired of those pesky self storage fees? It's actually pretty easy to avoid them, if you know how. Keylock Storage is here to tell you how.

Don't Pay Late / Get On Auto Pay

Obviously the best thing you can do to avoid storage fees is not accrue them in the first place.  Simply paying your bill on time will save you a lot of hassle and money.  Be aware of what day of the month your bill is due and how you can pay it.  Ask your local manager if there is a waiting time period if you use certain payment methods. (For example, some electronic payments take 24 + hours to post).  If you're using bill pay through your bank, make sure you send the payment in time to be received by the due date.

A great option many self storage businesses offer including Keylock Storage, is auto-pay. Auto-pay is a great way to make sure your bill is automatically paid and comes out every month without you worrying about it.  Many facilities will even offer discounts or waive start up fees if you choose to sign up for auto pay.

Know Your Contract

It can be tempting to simply sign on the dotted line and get a task over with quickly.  However, like with any business transaction  it is important to know your contract.   Your self storage contract should outline possible fees, when rent is due and how the business can bill or fine you.  If you have any questions, reach out to your local self storage manager and get clarity.

As Sarah, of Keylock Storage says, "It's cheaper to ask and be told about the fees, than it is to assume that something is ok and pay later."

Follow The Rules

And of course, a great way to avoid getting fined by your self storage faciltiy is to simply know the rules.  Pay attention to signs in the facility and follow their directions.  Many facilities will fine you for smoking on the premises, leaving belongings behind after check out or using the dumpsters on site.

Another place people are suprised to get fined is by lock cutting.  Keep track of your keys!  Many facilties charge for lock cutting and will rarely let you cut your lock yourself.  

Another good rule of thumb is to not store things that aren't allowed and overall to just be a neat and clean tenant.  Following the rulse and keeping your nose clean allow you to avoid a lot of hassle, and possible fees, in the long run.

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