4 Ridiculously Easy and Affordable Ways To Instantly Improve Your House

Alivia Whitaker | March 28, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Even if you have big home improvement projects planned, there are some easy and affordable ways to improve your house.  Follow the four steps below to add beauty, cohesion, design and value to your home and daily life.

Plant Flowers

Planting flowers is an instantaneous, inviting, and one of the easy and affordable ways to improve your house.  Adding flowers and plant life to your home is a good idea for many reasons.  It’s a great option because it can be done in flower beds, in outdoor planting pots our indoors in a variety of ways.

Michigan Sate University Extension reported the many benefits of having plant life in the home.  Benefits included adding oxygen to the environment, stress reduction, increase in physical exercise and even reduction in crime.

MSU reported,

“Studies have shown that plants in the workplace and school reduce employee and student stress and provide beneficial health effects, such as reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, releasing muscle tension and increasing positive feelings. …Plants can also help reduce crime. One study found that the more trees and grass an inner-city apartment building had around it, the fewer property and violent crimes reported. Community gardens can serve to bring people together in a neighborhood and have a positive impact on community cohesion.”

Take a Saturday afternoon, and add some plant life to your daily life, one of our very easy and affordable ways to improve your house.

Hang Wall Art and Photos

Make your home your own and spend an afternoon hanging art and photos!  This doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.  Use photographs, objects and art you already have.  If these look dated or you need a new look, buy new frames to refresh the space and make it feel new.  

Keylock wrote an article detailing the best way to easily hang art in your home! Find those helpful tips HERE

Clear Out Space In Your Garage

One of the quickest and most satisfying ways to improve your home is to clear things out!  And most people need to do this in their garage or storage area.  Spring is the perfect time to open that garage door, do some organizing and shuffle around your storage items.

If your precious garage real estate is being taken up by bulky or awkward items, make your life so much easier and get a storage unit.  Renting at a self-storage facility is a very easy and affordable process and is more than worth the investment to get the space and ease you need in your life.

Keylock Storage has a wide variety of excellent size options and provides outstanding service.  Find a Keylock Storage location near you by going HERE.

Invest In Rugs

Do you divide the spaces in your home with rugs?  Rugs are one of the absolute perfect easy and affordable ways to improve your house in an instant.  Using rugs to define spaces in your home and add a custom design element is affordable and instant.   Using a nice rug under a bed, in a seating area and in a kids room or playroom makes the home feel custom, put together and more expensive.  Don’t be deterred if you have carpet either!  Layering rugs on carpet is a common design move and really adds class to a space.

Long gone are the days of only expensive Persian carpets as rug options.  Affordable rugs can be found almost anywhere at brick and mortar retailers as well as online. 

Follow these four easy and affordable ways to improve your house and instantly make your home life better!

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