3 Things To Do Before Vacation - Our Fool Proof Vacation Prep List

Alivia Whitaker | July 30, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Here are creative things to do before vacation in order to prepare that you've probably never heard of before!

Things To Do Before Vacation: Have Household and Toiletries Sent To Your Destination

Did you know you can have online retailers such as Amazon ship to any address you like?  Well, if you're traveling, simply have your toiletries and any needed items sent to your hotel or the address of your final destination! This is a great tip especially if you are flying as liquids are limited by the TSA.  This is also a helpful tip if you are traveling with children.  You can have diapers, wipes and other child-related items simple shipped to your final destination!  This saves you the space those types of items take up or saves you a trip to the store.

Things To Do Before Vacation: Secure Your Home

Before you leave make sure you secure your home.  This is as simple as the easy steps below:

  • Hold your mail
  • Make sure your security system is on and working properly
  • Have a neighbor or friend collect packages and mow your lawn so it isn't obvious you're away

Things To Do Before Vacation: Balance The Budget

An important part of any vacation is the budget!  Not only should you be prepared for your vacation budget, but you need to make sure your household budget will be functioning while you're away.  Here are some items to make sure you have crossed off the list before you go:

  • Make sure bills are paid
  • Make sure your credit card company is aware you'll be traveling
  • Be aware of how much cash you have on hand

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