3 Things Every Mom Needs On Her Back To School List

Alivia Whitaker | August 8, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Summer is winding down which means it's "Back To School" time, so we've compiled a "Mom Back To School List" with the top 3 things Mom needs in order to be ready.

Your children get "Back To School" lists and so should you!  Follow the 3 steps below to be ship shape and Bristol fashion as a Mom this school year.

Mom Back To School List: A Schedule

No group is functioning without a proper schedule.  Without one, you flounder, with one you flourish!  For Mom to survive this school year, she is going to need a schedule that she can count on as well as the children.

Things to have squared away on your back to school schedule:

  • Daily Routines and Schedule
  • When is bedtime?  When do we need to leave for school?  Who is picking who up after the school activities?  Having all these things squared away in advance make the daily routine predictable and doable.
  • Yearly Schedule and Break Times
  • Make sure you have all the breaks, holidays and parent-teacher conference days noted in your calendar before the school year has begun.  That way you can plan around the schedule and not have any surprises.  This will also help in gearing up for when final projects are due for your children.

Mom Back To School List: Have Things Squared Away At The School

To have a successful back to school year as a Mom, you'll want to have everything squared away at the school for each child ahead of time.

This will vary depending on the school, grade level, and child but some things you might want to have a heads up for are listed below:

  • School Fees

There are various school fees involved for each child.  They include school supplies, athletic fees and other costs your school may require.  Call ahead to the school for a full list of any and all fees expected for your child for the year.

  • Library Card

Your child's school may or may not require your child to have a library card in order to use the library and/or check out books.  They may also be required to have a library card or show ID in order to access the school computers and electronics.

Check ahead as well to know what your local city or county library requires in order for your children to do research and check out books.  They may be required to have a special student pass for interlibrary loans or other library services.

  • Lunch arrangement

Of course, you'll want to have everything squared away for lunch!  Find out what your school's lunch program is if you plan on having your children eat lunch at the school.  Otherwise, if you're going to make your children's lunches think ahead about what you'd like to make and buy in bulk!  Costco is a great resource for school lunch items and healthy snacks.

  • Field Trip / School Activity Days

Another thing you'll want to keep on your "Mom Radar" is field trips and school activity days.  The school will likely require a permission slip or other documentation from parents.

Activity days at school also might require something else such as a dress-up day, or sports equipment so know in advance so you're not surprised last minute.

Mom Back To School List: Have Your Car Ready

And of course, with any Back To School list comes a lot of time in the car for Mom.  Between school pickups, activity drop offs and sports, Moms spend a lot of time in the car.  Here is our list of must-haves to be "car ready":

  • Have a great list of music and podcasts ready to go and downloaded on your phone
  • Have some kind of Bluetooth capability in your car (headphones, Bluetooth speaker, etc.)
  • Wash and vacuum your car!  Nothing says a successful school year for Mom like a fresh car all ready to go
  • Get your car organized!  Keylock Storage did an entire article on how to keep your car clean.  In that article, they said,
"Trash Can / Organizing Bins

One of the best ways to keep your car clean is to prevent it from ever getting dirty in the first place!!  This may sound intimidating but if you want to keep your car clean simply use some basic preventative measures.

An easy one is to add a small garbage can to your car.  Place it in the front seat on the passenger's side and every time you have a straw wrapper or other trash, just toss it in the little bin!  Small bins like these can be purchased at dollar stores or you can even make a small garbage bin with a locking lid from a bulk cereal container.

If you have kids that clutter your car, keep your car clean by adding small organizing bins to the trunk and backspace.  You can designate a bin for item types like athletic equipment or backpacks and keep the clutter contained that way.

Also, you can add plastic over the door shoe organizers to the backs of the car seats.  You can then use these to create a space for crayons, toys and other small kid items that they can reach at hands length and eye level."

In addition, you can visit Keylock Storage Blog for more interesting articles about organization and lifestyle: keylockstorage.com/blogs