3 Surprising Ways Using Self Storage Helps You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Alivia Whitaker | January 4, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Want to actually keep your New Year's Resolutions this year? Storing your important belongings at your local self-storage company may seem as if it has nothing to do with achieving goals. But if you think about it a bit more closely, using self-storage can actually keep you aligned with some of the most commonly made New Year's Resolutions.

Here’s how:

Get Organized

Get organized is one of the two top most commonly made resolutions. This could cover a multitude of goals including organizing your inbox, making a system for bills, cleaning out your garage or scheduling your life better. And nothing helps you keep your New Year's Resolutions to get organized more than self-storage.

Organizing any part of your life has major benefits beyond a well working system. Benefits include decreased stress, improved relationships and sleep and even weight loss!

So take that Saturday afternoon and organize your garage, unpack the closet a bit and make room in your home and mind by packing those distractions away at your local self-storage facility.

Get Healthy

The fact that some version of getting healthy (eat better, exercise more, lose weight) tops the list of most common resolutions shouldn’t surprise anyone. Getting healthy is a universal and on-going aim.

So how can self-storage help you dominate your goal of getting healthy this year? Easy – movement!

If you’re in need of some extra exercise (and aren’t we all?) there is no time like the present to de-clutter and pack up your extra belongings to put in self storage. Maybe you can finally make room for that home gym!

Want to be more active in the outdoors? RV sales are rapidly on the rise in the United States and with the reasonable rates found in self-storage, you have no excuses left not to buy that recreational vehicle you’ve been thinking about. Nothing is healthier for mind and body than being active in the great outdoors.

Save Money

Another common New Year's Resolution is to save money. And perhaps surprisingly, utilizing self-storage actually helps you achieve this goal!   Self-storage is an affordable and convenient way to store important items for your home or business. You don’t have to feel pressure to move into a mansion just so you can have an RV or other fun toys. Get the best of both worlds and store affordably on a non-annual contract basis.

And what is a better way to save money than to make money? More than ever before, Americans are venturing out into small business. With tax advantages and ubiquitous tools like the internet, power to reach customers and start a variety of businesses has been in the hands of the average citizen more than ever.

Self-storage is a popular tool for enterprising small business owners. Self-storage provides space for all types of businesses.  There are climate controlled units for pharmaceuticals and electronics. Self-storage also offers all kinds of space for business inventory or even auto parts. Most businesses are internet-based (what business isn’t these days?) Save money by skipping the expensive real estate and storing your inventory in self-storage. Apple started in a garage – get a leg up on Apple and start your small business with self-storage!

If you want to keep your New Year's Resolutions this year, utilize Keylock Storage to help you do it!  Go to keylockstorage.com to find out how.